Monday, May 26, 2008

Bethania High School, "Satisfaction is the Key to Faithfulness"

On a warm, but not hot, Friday afternoon Bethania High School celebrated its 45th Commencement Exercises. Yours Truly was given the honor as the morning's main speaker. So, with thirteen young ladies on the cusp of freedom and life away from Bethania, I chose to speak on why we remain faithful...faithful to spouses, to employers, on why we remain faithful to God and his call upon our lives.


I then offered this:

10 Habits of those who find that walking with God their deepest satisfaction:

1. Buy a good Bible and becomes best friends with it!
This is how you learn to love God’s WORD

2. Become good at asking questions about all things!
This is how you delight in God with your MIND

3. Try new things and find the few things that you are gifted to do!
This is how you delight in God with all your MIGHT

4. Learn to Recognize the Image of God in the ugliest people you meet!
This is how you learn to love and serve the UNLOVELY.

5. Travel when you have the opportunity!
This is how you get to see God in another culture.

6. Find a group of people who want to know and love God even more than you do!
This is how you grow to love God with all your HEART

7. Walk everyday as much as life will let you!
This will keep your pace of life manageable.

8. Protect your sexual purity!
Beyond the obvious, this will help you distinguish the sacred from the secular.

9. Become the kind of virtuous person you, yourself, would want to marry!
This is how you will bring the best “you” to your marriage.

10. Create a “prayer closet” in every place you call “home!”
This is how you learn to not avoid God.


Howard Merrell said...

Thanks, Rob.
I plagerized your list for the graduates here.
If you see the list in my new book, don't say anything and I'll buy you lunch.
See you in a couple of weeks.

Brandon Buie said...

Yeah, I've stolen the list also. Just too many good reminders are in that one!

Joanna Chow said...

Dear Rob,

My sister is planning to study in Bethania High School, but unfortunately, there is not so many information about this school available on internet. Do you know well of this school or could you let me know where I can find more information of this school from internet. you can write me an email to

Your help is appreciated.